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Join 711Proxy and become a registered member to get your exclusive link. If you successfully promote 711Proxy, you will enjoy a commission of up to 10%.Start referring

How our referral program works?

1. Get referral link

After registering and logging into 711Proxy, you can get a unique referral link or invitation code. Friends create accounts using your unique referral link or invitation code.

2. Friends register and pay

Friends join 711Proxy and purchase the plan, there is no limit to the number of orders, we will pay bonuses in the form of wallet balance based on the actual payment amount of each order.

3. Get a share

After successfully inviting friends to pay for the order, the bonus will be credited within 24 hours. If a friend makes a refund, the corresponding bonus will be automatically deducted.

Explanation of rebate rules

1. Users are not allowed to register more than 2 accounts. Violation leads to account closure.

2. If referrer/referee's account is frozen due to reporting, violation or illegal behavior, referral and bonus stop.

3. Recommended bonus is limited to one level.

4. Bonuses are in wallet balance form, used for purchasing plans or proxies.

5. Recommendation process forbids use of malicious code or improper methods.

6. Please understand that the recommendation rules may be optimized to protect the rights and interests of advocates.

7. 711Proxy has final interpretation right of this activity within legal scope.

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