Dedicated datacenter proxies

Our datacenter proxies is designed to ensure that each customer has an absolutely exclusive IP, so during use, you will experience ultra-fast network speeds and excellent network stability, no matter what business scenario you are dealing with, All can flow smoothly.

Exclusive IP pool
Unlimited traffic
SOCKS5 and HTTP(s)
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What is a dedicated datacenter proxies?

The resources of the dedicated datacenter all come from large computer rooms. Compared with other proxies, these resources are based on stable servers, so they have more excellent performance and reliability. For your e-commerce, social media management and other business scenarios, these resources are extremely advantageous.


Excellent access speed


Very cost-effective


Have unlimited bandwidth


Compliance Ethics and Law

99.9% uptime

Our proxies are powered by high-speed data centers, guaranteeing 99.9% uptime, allowing you to experience great speeds for any online activity. We promise blazing-fast speeds and reliable, stable connections, ensuring zero downtime for a worry-free online experience.

Market-leading speeds

Since each data center is equipped with a large dedicated bandwidth, our data center can achieve millisecond-level latency response, ensuring that your proxy can still perform various services smoothly during peak traffic hours.

Superior performance

To ensure the quality and applicability of resources, we conduct testing under different business scenarios before distributing them. In addition, we also use a layered funnel resource cleaning mechanism to provide customers with the highest level of business security.

Most popular proxy locations


4,097,520 IPs


3,263,209 IPs


4,834,617 IPs


1,865,497 IPs


3,571,624 IPs

Saudi Arabia

1,241,580 IPs


1,807,961 IPs


2,680,145 IPs


3,978,489 IPs


4,675,241 IPs


1,516,840 IPs

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